Your Voice Matters, Our Kids Matter

The Rapid City Area Schools Facilities Task Force was convened last spring (2018). The Task Force is made up of a diverse group of people from our community including district parents (past and present), business owners, district staff members and Board of Education members. The group was tasked with coming up with a facility plan that first and foremost put kids first and addressed the needs of all our students, the most urgent of which are outlined in the current proposal. Secondly, the task force was asked to create a plan that reflected input from the community. The group spent months studying the District’s MGT study. They also looked at boundaries and took tours of RCAS buildings before creating and presenting a facility master plan.

Watch the video to hear what motivated some Task Force members to get involved and why we can no longer choose to do nothing.


Hear from several community and business leaders on why having modern school facilities is necessary to bring quality employers and employees to the area; resulting in greater economic development and retention of top level talent.